PM Imran’s Ralph Lauren shirt creates quite the buzz on social media


On Sunday, Prime Minister Imran Khan took to Twitter to urge world leaders and heads of international financial institutions to come up with a debt relief initiative for developing countries. However, instead of his message, the prime minister’s Ralph Lauren polo t-shirt was the topic of discussion on social media.

A section of social media really loved the new look by PM Imran and didn’t shy from voicing their opinion. 

Some people said they did not understand why the prime minister’s t-shirt was raising eyebrows on social media. 

Then there were some who wondered why the prime minister was wearing an expensive, branded shirt and asking for debt relief from the international community. 

According to a listing on eBay of what seems to be a similar item, the top costs £53.79, which if converted into Pakistani rupees, amounts to Rs11,229.61.

However, has been unable to independently verify the cost as the outfit does not seem to be available anymore. 

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