Pakistan’s finest turn cowboys for the T20 Cricket World Cup – Comment

The Men in Green are now the Men in Hats as they turned cowboys for the promos of the T20 Cricket World Cup!

Promo photos rarely catch our eye, but then we saw the cowboy themed pictures and knew we couldn’t let it slide. Also, please excuse our pun in the excerpt, we couldn’t help ourselves.

Obviously the ICC had a fun video to share too, complete with old western music and a lot of old school swagger. Also, can we just say, Iftikhar was made to be a cowboy.

Erin Holland agrees with us — she wants him to be in the next season of Yellowstone, our favourite modern-day cowboy drama.

Why the cowboy theme, you may ask? Well, several of the matches are being held in Texas! We don’t know why no other teams have done similarly themed photoshoots, but they have done some dance challenges. Guess not everyone was made for the cowboy life — including captain Babar Azam who was MIA from the fun photoshoot!

X (formerly Twitter) was abuzz when the pictures from the photoshoot dropped.

People were as convinced as we are about how legit the Pakistan team looks as cowboys.

Some team members may have taken more convincing to play cowboys…

But they got in the spirit of things.

The Pakistan team is there for a good time — and hopefully a long time too!

Us when we get our US visas. Yeehaw!

We think so too!

🤠 x11

We’re now eagerly awaiting June 9, when Pakistan takes on India in New York. That’ll be a real showdown.

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