New York prepares for ‘high-voltage’ India-Pakistan cricket match on Sunday – World

At the cultural crossroads of the world, New Yorkers will experience a thrilling first on Sunday — a World Cup cricket match hosted in a US city between Asian powerhouses: rivals India and Pakistan.

India-Pakistan is the game everyone would like to watch, and… it’s happening in our backyard,” said Ajith Shetty, president of two local cricket leagues.

“I’m very, very thrilled,” the Indian native told AFP on Friday.

However, roughly 10 miles (16 kilometers) from the pop-up stadium at Eisenhower Park on Long Island, fans interviewed in the bustling Little India neighborhood of Queens said they won’t be able to attend the game in person.

“I asked about it, but it’s so expensive. I’ll watch it on my mobile,” 31-year-old Rajeet Krishna said.

“Pakistan against India is special… there’s a long history there,” he said, with the 34,000 seats in the stadium sold out for months.

surprising loss on Thursday to the United States, ranked 18th in the world.

New York-based Pakistani journalist Wajahat S. Khan said he had “never been more excited or terrified about a cricket match at the same time.”

“The data doesn’t lie. Pakistan is likely to lose. It’s likely to be a bloodbath. But you can never write off Pakistan’s cricket team. Never.”

The US win over sixth-ranked Pakistan has boosted interest in cricket in the country, where the sport remains well outside the mainstream.

“All the news channels are talking about it, people are explaining, what is cricket. People are understanding, what is cricket,” Shetty said.

Beyond the tournament, which concludes at the end of June, the local cricket organizer hopes it brings “better infrastructure” for players in the New York area.

They will not, however, benefit from the Long Island stadium, which will be dismantled in July, leaving local leagues to continue their quest for a dedicated arena.

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