Nawaz Sharif’s anti-establishment rhetoric has little public support, survey finds


Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif. — 

ISLAMABAD: A recent survey has found that a majority of Pakistanis feel that former premier Nawaz Sharif’s criticism of the establishment represents an ‘Indian narrative’ — a talking point that has also been pushed multiple times by government representatives.

Conducted by Pulse Consultant, a leading market and opinion research company, the survey reported that 51% of the respondents believe that Nawaz’s attacks on the Pakistani state are representative of an ‘Indian stance’, while 23% said the remarks are political in nature and 26% said they could not comment on the matter. 

PML-N’s future shaky?

Asked about the PML-N’s future, 44% of the respondents said they believe it will split, 32% said the party will remain together while 24% said they had no opinion on the matter. 

‘Opposition hiding its corruption’

Echoing another popular refrain from Prime Minister Imran Khan, about 39% of the respondents of the survey said they agreed that the “opposition alliance was formed to hide their corruption”.

However, a slightly higher number of respondents (40%) said they do not believe that the opposition has united solely to hide their corruption. 

The remaining 21% held no opinion on the matter.

‘Government not going anywhere’

The survey disclosed that 45% of the respondents believe that the government is standing firm and has no worries regarding the Opposition’s movement.

Against that, 35% of the respondents said they feel the government is worried. 

The remaining 20% said they have no opinion on the matter.

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