LHC dismisses petition against non-availability of virus-related protective equipment for doctors


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LAHORE: The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Saturday dismissed a petition against the non-availability of personal protective equipment for doctors treating patients of the novel coronavirus across the province. 

The court dismissed the plea and fined the petitioners for taking up the time of the court. In a 5-page written verdict, the court ruled that the petitioners had mala-fide intentions when they filed the plea.

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Chief Justice LHC Justice Muhammad Qasim Khan, in the written ruling, said that the reputation of the health department of the province had been damaged as a result of the petition filed by doctors. 

“The doctors filed the petition without solid evidence and with the sole purpose of gaining cheap publicity. The court reserves the right to act against people who file unnecessary petitions,” the ruling stated.

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‘Doctors leading virus fight’

“If the authorities believe that the petition is against the civil service conduct rules, they may take action against the petitioners. These doctors and paramedics are leading the fight against the coronavirus,” it added.

“Doctors are risking their lives everyday to treat virus patients. There is no doubt that the medical profession is a respectable profession that aims to serve humanity,” the written order read.

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“The doctors diligently discharged their duties even when the own relatives of virus-affected patients would not be there for the patients. Doctors should exercise caution while discussing matters,” it added.

“The whole world has been affected by the spread of the pandemic. Even developed countries are facing difficulties in procuring and providing for the personal protective equipment of health workers,” the order noted.

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‘Government doing what it can’

“The government is also fighting the novel coronavirus with the resources that are at its disposal. Issuing a ruling pertaining to the matter while the government does what it can would be an injustice,” the order read.

“The petitioners wrongfully made claims with regards to working in the coronavirus wards of different hospitals. The state lawyer presented evidence in this regard to the court,” the order added.

“According to government directives, the personal protective equipment for doctors dealing with virus patients is available in storage rooms at different medical facilities,” the order noted.

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LHC dismisses petition against virus lockdown, fines trade leader

LHC on Saturday morning also dismissed a petition filed against the virus lockdown in the province. LHC CJ Khan also fined petitioner Naeem Mir a sum of Rs50,000 for wasting the time of the court with the petition. 

According to a written order issued after the petition was dismissed, the court ruled that Mir, who is an office-bearer for a trade association, filed the petition to gain publicity in the media.

“It is up to the government to take decisions about imposing, or not imposing, a virus-related lockdown. The shops for essential goods are open with certain SOPs in place,” the order stated.

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