Leopard spotting in Nathia Gali has social media intrigued


A video of a common leopard sitting on a stone pillar in Nathia Gali has gone viral and created fascination among people.

A man narrates the spotting while sitting in his vehicle and a leopard can be seen nearby. Many people on different social media sites, such as Facebook, TikTok, Instagram have shared the video.

An official of the wildlife department said that a common leopard is an indigenous species in the area. They are commonly spotted near Galliyat reserve forests.

“It is a nocturnal animal so it is usually
spotted at night when it is out for hunting,” said Nawaz, who works for the
wildlife department.

He remarked that common leopards have been
spotted quite frequently and it is not the first time. As there are fewer
tourists in the area, it is possible that wild animals are now moving more
freely, he said.

It negated reports that the leopards are suffering from a food shortage.

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