Islamabad’s Solis festival crashes and burns with stage collapse, overcrowding


Chaos ensued at the Solis Music and Arts Festival in Islamabad on February 15 as a stage collapsed and the festival was shut down midway.

The fourth edition of the EDM festival was held at the Pakistan National Council of Arts. It was supposed to go on till 12am but was shut down around 9:30pm.

Several people were hurt when the VIP stage collapsed mid-show.

The festival was also marred by allegations of overbooking and tickets being sold under the table when a massive crowd gathered and was refused entry.

Some people say the organisers sold more tickets than they had the capacity while others claimed a rowdy mob attacked the festival. The management posted a picture on Instagram said it had to make the “difficult decision” of stoping the event due to “hundreds of individuals who fought their way through with fake tickets”.

The most expensive tickets were priced at Rs11,000. The cheapest at Rs4,000.


“We will be issuing a further statement at a later time, but for now want to thank our fans who purchased real tickets and came to genuinely enjoy the event,” read the initial statement.

The organisers shut off the music and lights in an effort to get people to leave. Videos surfaced of people in the crowd throwing bottles and other projectiles at the performing DJs.

People also trashed the place, destroying the stage and enclosures.

Some people on Twitter are calling for action, both against the Solis management and against the gatecrashers. They also called for ticket refunds.

The lineup for the show featured Dannic, Mike Williams, Julian Jordan, FDVM and Turhan James.

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