Islamabad man accused of blackmailing ex-wife


A man in Islamabad has been accused of threatening his ex-wife that he will post her pictures on social media if she refuses to pay him.

Habib and his ex-wife had married in 2015 but got separated few months ago, according to the police. Even after the divorce, Habib kept contacting her and asked her for money, repeatedly.

When she refused, he threatened to put
her pictures up on social media, DSP Qasim Khan Niazi said.

The woman’s brother has registered an
FIR at the Aabpara police station. “The FIR also states that Habib threatened
to kill the woman,” DSP Niazi said. “A search operation for the suspect has
begun,” he added.

The police have registered a case
against Habib under the Telegraph Act, 1885. The law states that any person who
uses any telephone, public or private, for causing annoyance or intimidation to
any person, whether a subscriber or not, or for obnoxious calls shall, without
prejudice be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to three
years, or with fine, or with both.

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