FBR identifies 24 bridal dress designers allegedly involved in ‘massive tax evasion’ | Pakistan


KARACHI: The Federal Bureau of Revenue (FBR) on Wednesday identified 24 bridal dress designers allegedly involved in “massive tax evasion”. 

The bureau said that some of these designers charged hefty amounts, sometimes even in the millions, for a single dress. However, the FBR said that while surveying for new taxpayers, it found out certain bridal dress designers were paying little tax or were not even listed on the tax roll. 

The names of famous designers such as Wardha Saleem, Sania Maskatiya, Amna Chaudhry, Natasha Kamal and others were mentioned in the list who were sent notices. “Their declared income does not commensurate with their receipts,” read the notification. 

The FBR said that the designers’ tax returns were being analysed and a desk audit was being conducted. The bureau said that the information about the designers’ income will be matched with their declared Income and Wealth statements filed.

“It is estimated that a huge loss of revenue would be detected,” read a line from the notification. 

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