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Dragon Quest Champions Now Official for iOS and Android Users

Square Enix and Koei Tecmo announced another mobile game based on the iconic and immensely popular Dragon Quest series. Dragon Quest Battle Royale is a multiplayer game that revolves around the very traditional turn-based combat of the RPG franchise. The game’s title is Dragon Quest Champions.

Dragon Quest Champions is Now Official for iOS and Android Users

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According to the official website, the game revolves around a Battle Royale-style Tournament Mode. In the game, 50 players roam around a map in real-time, searching for items, fighting familiar Dragon Quest monsters to improve their abilities, and then fighting other players in turn-based battles until they’re the last party standing.

Players can see each other running around the map. They can engage in combat with an opening attack, which takes both opponents to a separate, turn-based battle screen. Taking too long to dispatch an enemy or running away increases the risk that another player will enter the battle.

Square Enix says that Dragon Quest Champions will also have ‘plenty of solo gameplay elements’.

The game has no firm release date.  Also, there’s no word on whether the game will come to Western markets just yet. A closed beta test for the Japanese market will run from 6-13 February 2023. However, it will be limited to 10,000 applicants on iOS, and 10,000 on Android.

If you wanna give this game a try, go to the Dragon Quest Champions website to apply for the beta test.

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