Cricket between Pakistan and India will only pour salt on wounds of Kashmiris: Firdous | Sports


RAWALPINDI: Any bilateral cricket match between Pakistan and India cannot be played until India “frees the people of occupied Kashmir”, said Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Information and Broadcasting Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan here on Saturday.

She was talking with media on the second day of the first Test match between Pakistan and Bangladesh being played here at the Rawalpindi Stadium.

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“India has created many barriers in our path and promoted false propaganda on all forums to stop international cricket in Pakistan,” Firdous Awan said.

“Until India frees the people of occupied Kashmir, any matches between the countries will only pour salt on the wounds of the Kashmiris.”

The SAPM commended Bangladesh authorities for sending their team to Pakistan despite their initial reservations.

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“They honoured their commitment, and by sending their team, have supported us in reviving international cricket in the country. Together we have demonstrated to the world that we are a peaceful country,” she said.

SAPM Awan, during the talk, said that “I myself am also a cricketer”, adding that had she not been a politician, she would have been the coach of the national women’s cricket team.

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