COVID-19: Pakistan ranks fourth among 10 most affected OIC countries | World


In the wake of novel coronavirus that has hit about 200 countries around the world, Pakistan has been ranked as the fourth most affected country among members of the Organisation of Islamic Coperation (OIC).

In a statement on Twitter on Tuesday, OIC raised concerns over the swelling numbers of coronavirus cases in member states despite tremendous efforts by the countries to contain the virus — that has claimed over thousands of lives so far.

Iran tops the list as the worst calamity-hit country with over 62,000 reported cases along with nearly 4,000 deaths to date. Following Iran are Turkey and Malaysia with 649 and 63 fatalities respectively.

Pakistan is listed fourth with over 4,000 reported cases, 55 deaths and at least 429 patients recovered.

The number of cases has seen a rapid surge despite the country being under lockdown for the third consecutive week.

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