Coronavirus news: Two babies infected in China, says CCTV – live updates


Two newborn babies in Wuhan, China, have been infected with the novel coronavirus, with the youngest baby diagnosed at just 30 hours old, according to Chinese state broadcaster CCTV.

The baby’s mother was also infected with the virus, and CCTV suggested that “there may be mother-infant transmission,” where the mother passes the virus on to the baby in utero.

Without more details, however, it’s impossible to know if the infants were infected in the womb. There are other ways they could have been exposed — through handling by healthcare workers, mothers coughing, breastfeeding or even in the delivery process. 

Here’s a look at the numbers of confirmed cases and deaths, both within mainland China and globally.

Total confirmed cases globally: There have been 28,273 and 565 deaths.

Mainland China: 28,018 cases, 563 deaths

Outside mainland China: 260 cases in more than 25 places, 2 deaths.

Airlines: At least 25 airlines have suspended or reduced flights to and from China, and at least nine countries are denying entry to travelers from China.

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