Challenge yourselves, Prime Minister Imran Khan tells Namal graduates


I pray you’ll uplift yourself, your families and then the country, Prime Minister Imran Khan told graduates at Namal University’s seventh convocation on Sunday afternoon.

When I came here and decided to build a university, everyone said I couldn’t do it, said the premier. They said no faculty would come, no PhDs, he said. “Today, we have 35 PhDs at the university and I want to thank them,” he said.

He also congratulated the parents of the graduating students and told them not to be so serious. “Your kids have done something great. This is a day of joy,” he said.

PM Khan separately thanked an official from the UAE, Tony Ashai, the designer of the university, and Tariq, who runs a petrol pump nearby that 20 years ago became the PTI base in Mianwali.

Remember, God has given us a lot of strength and we spend most of our lives without knowing what God has given us, he told students. “We don’t even try to access that strength.”

He reminded them that whatever they can picture, they can achieve. “This is the power in you. Whatever you can dream, you can do.”

He said humans accept defeat and lose heart but God has given you the qualities to do whatever you want.

All you need to do is fix your qibla, your life’s roadmap, he said. “In the Holy Quran God says He made us for a reason. Each person must find their purpose. It’s in your heart, not your mind,” he said.

You must make your mind go where your heart is, PM Khan advised the students. “I’ve spent my life following my heart.”

He spoke about making Pakistan into a welfare state like the State of Madinah and said the principles it was founded on are very important. Whichever country follows those principles prospers, he said.

We will God willing become an example for the world, he said. Science can never answer what the purpose of life is and what will happen after you die, said PM Khan. “The answer to this is only in religion.” He urged people to study the Holy Prophet (pbuh)’s life.

He also urged students to learn from tough times. Tough times always teach you, and if you learn from it, it’s because you have higher education, he said.

It helps you analyse your faults and gives you a big advantage, the premier said. Never fear bad times, he said. “Success is learning from bad times.”

He urged students to keep struggling, and achieving new goals. The moment you stop, your ambition and dreams stop, you start going down, he said.

I chose the path less trodden and that’s what made the difference, he said, quoting Robert frost. He urged the graduates to challenge themselves.

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