Builders concerned over Gwadar Development Authority’s new town planning regulations


The Association of Builders and Developers has expressed its concerns over by-laws of the Gwadar Development Authority with regard to construction of housing schemes and commercial zones in the port city.

Junaid Taloo, a senior ABAD member, said that Gwadar Town
Planning Regulations, 2020 have superseded the Town Planning Regulations, 2004.
This according to him was not good for builders.

“These regulations should not supersede the Town
Planning Regulations, 2004-2005,” he said. “Town Planning
Regulations, 2020 should be implemented only on new housing schemes.”

Taloo said the Clause 76 of the Town Planning Regulations,
2019 must be added to the new regulations.

The clause says: Existing schemes shall not be affected by
the new planning standards. However, in the event of any conflict between the
land zoning of the Master Plan and an existing scheme, the guidelines of the
Master Plan shall prevail.

The builder objected to Para-III of the 2020 regulations which
says the Town Planning director has the powers to suspend an NoC in case of any
irregularity or violation of rules.

He said the Town Planning director could not suspend any NoC
prior to informing sponsors, builders and developers of a project about their
deviation, irregularity and violation, if any.

Taloo said if no response is received from sponsors,
builders and developers, only then the director has the discretionary powers to
suspend the NOC.

He also spoke about Clause 3 of the Town Planning
Regulations, 2020. It states: The GDA Land Management Director will register
the mortgage deed within the Authority, besides looking after amenities and
reserved land of the Authority.

The amenities should be looked after by sponsors, builders
and developers, according to Taloo. However, the authority has the right to
look after and develop the GDA’s reserved land that requires to be

The builder also voiced objection to the time limit for
scrutiny of applications for planning permission. He was referring to the Town
Planning Regulations, 2020 in which it is stated that the “planning
permission shall be granted or refused by the committee in a period not
exceeding 60 days from the date of acceptance of the application for planning permission
in the office of the Director Town Planning.”

Taloo said if an application for planning permission is
neither approved nor refused within 60 days, then it should be deemed approved
or granted.

GDA Director General Shahzeb Khan Kakar, who was at the ABAD
office in Karachi, admitted that the lack of coordination in policymaking among
departments was witnessed in the past. He said the authority is trying to take
all stakeholders on board before devising new policies.

Kakar assured ABAD members that the GDA would not make any
changes to its master plan and by-laws without taking them into confidence.

“We are working to transform Gwadar into cities like
Singapore and Dubai with the use of latest technology and ease of doing
business through one-window facility,” he said.

The GDA DG said the administration has laid down a water
supply network from the Pasni area, which is providing 75,00,000 gallons of
water to Gwadar City per day.

The authority is working on a 300MW power plant while
security-related issues have also been resolved in the city, according to

He informed that Gwadar’s Master Plan for the next 30 years
has been prepared. Any changes in it will be made after taking all the
stakeholders into confidence, Kakar said.

ABAD Chairman Mohsin Shaikhani noted that long-term polices are
required to develop any city. He admitted that ABAD members did not invest in
Gwadar due to the lack of confidence and past policies of the administration.

But now, Shaikhani said, builders and the public are both
investing in the city.

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