Brexit’s done. The UK has left the European Union — live updates


In less than two hours, the United Kingdom will leave the European Union. Here’s the story of its membership in numbers:

The number of years the UK has been in the EU, or its predecessor, the European Economic Community. That’s equal to 17,197 days.

The number of different prime ministers the UK has had in that time (Heath, Wilson, Callaghan, Thatcher, Major, Blair, Brown, Cameron, May, Johnson). Three of those have been in the past three-and-a-half years. In that time, there’s only been one monarch, Queen Elizabeth II.

The percentage of votes for leaving the European Union. The percentage is equal to 17.41 million votes.

Odd Andersen/AFP/Getty Images
Odd Andersen/AFP/Getty Images

The number of countries in the European Economic Community when the UK joined. France, West Germany, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands and Luxembourg were members.

The number of member states that will be left in the EU when the UK leaves.

The number of European citizens living in the UK. Some 1.1 million British citizens live in the 27 EU member states.

The percentage of British people who have lived their entire lives as members of the EU. The Office for National Statistics says 39.8 million British people alive today were born in 1973 or after.

A young Brexiteer celebrates in Westminster on Friday.
A young Brexiteer celebrates in Westminster on Friday. Richard Baker/In Pictures/Getty Images

The number of MEPs the UK had in the European Parliament. Before Brexit it was 751.

And just for fun…

The number of Euro football championships that have been played while the UK was a member state. No nation of the UK has ever won it, by the way.

The number of Eurovision song contests that have been held. The UK has won three times — 1976, 1981 and 1997 — and it has come last four times.

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